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CZ 612 Target

For competitors who want an bit nicer version of our affordable 612 Trap pump shotgun, the Target model gets Select

CZ 620/628 Field Select

For those who want a light, classy pump gun to carry in the field, we put together the perfect shotgun.

CZ 712 Target G2

The 712 Target is built for the trap field and is a perfect choice for the price-conscious shooter. It also

CZ All-American

The sporting clays half of our Trap Combo, the All-American is a precision instrument. CNCed throughout, it features drop-in replacement

CZ All-American Single Trap

A dedicated singles trap gun, this variant of our competition-oriented All-American line is packed with adjustability. The 4-way comb combined

CZ All-American Trap Combo

Built specifically for ATA shooters who compete in both trap singles and doubles and want one gun to do it

CZ Redhead Premier Target

The Redhead Premier Target is assembled like the standard Redhead Premier but with a different purpose in mind. This over/under

CZ SCTP Sterling

After several years spent homing in on the ideal shotgun for female shooters, a truth presented itself ­— those unique

CZ Sharp-Tail Target

This new target side-by-side carries all of the mechanics as the Sharp-Tail but with a 30-inch barrel and a 14